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20 Highmoor Road, Kamberg, KwaZulu Natal, Kamberg, South Africa, 3300

076 948 7963

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Customer Service Manager

“I can now gratefully say that I have experienced my first ever “wheeze-free” winter thanks to PELAFORCE™. Pelargonium sidoides, the humble hero behind PELAFORCE™, is the epitome of plant power and has been used in traditional South African remedies for centuries. Beyond these herbal health benefits, we strive to uplift those who join us on our journey and to protect the natural world that selflessly supplies its tuberous treasures. Our team envisions a world in which people are powered by plants. I believe that our PELAFORCE™ herbal solution is truly a solution.”



Customer Service

"I believe that every potential health-related ‘issue’ has a cure, and that the cure can be found in nature. All you have to do is be willing to open your eyes to, and harmonise with, the natural abundance of our surroundings. PELAFORCE™ has been a journey for many and, for me, it has been a symbol of strength. If a tuberous root has the power to assist animal and human life forms and, in some cases, assist in saving a life, what are our physical bodies truly capable of?"

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